Welcome to Eazy Vegan

Disclaimer: This site is not fancy. Just a behind the scenes look at how eazy the vegan life can be.

I started this site for all of you meat-eaters that meet a vegan and then out of your mouth come the most illogical 5 words that could ever be spoken: “I could never do that.”

People can fly to the moon and you can’t go a day without meat or cheese?

These are the worst 5 words of all time for one main reason. They are only true if you believe that they are. If you would like to use the words: “I could never do that.” , then at least use them correctly. Such as while watching a documentary on factory farming.


 This will be a positive and happy site showing the positive effect of a healthy vegan diet.

This site will not be bad-mouthing any of you meat-eaters out there… I will simply be promoting a natural whole foods, plant-based diet to anyone and everyone. This site will show you how eazy the vegan life can be. Let’s get started with the center piece of my vegan diet.

The best smoothies ever for under a buck.

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