Eazy Food Prep

I stay very busy working 6-7 days a week, so the only way I can accommodate a vegan lifestyle is by food prep. I make a large amount of beans, rice, pasta, and even smoothies to last me a few days to a week. The smoothies will hold for at least 3 days, pasta for 5, and rice and beans for 7. When its time to eat, I can quickly cook up some veggies or tofu and add to my rice/beans/pasta. I cook the rice and beans differently every time I make them to add some variety.

I understand that this may sound boring to you, but I find it healthy and delicious. It is healthier for me, better for the planet, and I am saving animal lives. Even if you are not ready to go vegan, try implementing a few vegan meals into your week and see how you like it.

I have always been a very simple eater. In the words of Rae Sremmurd: “I like what I like.” I keep it simple and eat things that I know I like and I can cook in a variety of different ways. If you like to cook many different things, you can easily add things such as potatoes, other fruits and veggies, salads, etc. You can also get snacks such as chips, nuts, carrots/peppers and hummus. If you would like any customized tips to help you try some vegan food prepping, please reach out and I would be happy to help you create a plan.

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