Spice it up and keep it saucy.

Even meat-eaters like their chicken tossed or dipped sauce. Sauce is one way to add variety to any diet, especially a vegan diet. I use a variety of sauces and spices to create new tastes that appeal to my taste buds. I love garlic, so I often use garlic powder or garlic and herb seasoning to tweak my food prepped meals. Today for lunch I added garlic and herb seasoning to my pasta with tofu. I simply sprinkled over the top after the food was prepared and I was about to eat. It was almost like I was eating my pasta with garlic bread, which would be another way you can tweak a prepped meal (by adding a side dish).

I also mix up my sauces. As you may have seen in my last post, I like to keep a large variety of sauces. One of my favorites that was not in the picture is Soy Citrus Orange sauce (I buy the Safeway brand). Try adding different sauces to create different dishes. I can use the same food prepped rice to make a teriyaki dish, a Mexican dish, a soup, etc. Imagine how many different dishes I can make using beans, tofu and veggies. When you combine all of those, imagine how many different delicious meals you can make.

The vegan life is eazy.

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